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Kate Beaton for Eau Claire City Council (At-Large)

Kate Beaton for Eau Claire City Council

Vote on February 19th & April 2nd 2019!

My Eau Claire origin story started at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. The true value of my time in college was how I served my community with the education that I received there. Through my civic engagement, I have fallen in love with Eau Claire. That’s why I bought my home in the 3rd Ward and made Eau Claire my home. I want to continue to build it into a community other people fall in love with, too.

I’ve invested in our community with strong progressive values. I fundamentally believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the progress that our city has made over the last decade--that no one in our community should have to make the choice between their rent and their groceries. I fundamentally believe that future generations should have the right to float in a clean, safe river, just like we do, and that it’s up to us to preserve our planet for our children. And I fundamentally believe that our democracy works when everyone can participate, whether it be at a city council meeting or at the polling booth and now, more than ever, we have to fight to protect this core American value.

I’ve fought for these values for 3 years on the Eau Claire City Council and am asking for another 3 years to keep the fight going. We’ve made so much progress but we’ll need to fight just as hard for lasting change. I need your help to keep this good work going.

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